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4DAM is short for 4DutchAcuteMedicine. 4DAM is a free email service that gives you a monthly overview of the most interesting abstracts of original articles and reviews, published in the four leading medical journals in acute medicine: Critical Care, Annals of Emergency Medicine, American Journal of Emergency Medicine and Clinical Toxicology. It's easy to do and knowledge is for everyone, so sign up now.

Impact Factor 6.425 (2017)
Critical Care is a high quality, peer-reviewed, international open access clinical medical journal. The journal publishes commentaries, reviews and research in all areas of intensive care and emergency medicine. Published by BioMed Central, founded in 1997.
Impact Factor 5.008 (2017)
Annals of Emergency Medicine is the official journal of the American College of Emergency Physicians. It is an international, peer-reviewed journal dedicated to improving the quality of care by publishing the highest quality science for emergency medicine and related medical specialties. Published by Elsevier. founded in 1972.
Impact Factor 1.290 (2017)
A distinctive blend of practicality and scholarliness makes the American Journal Emergency Medicine a key source for information on emergency medical care. Published by Elsevier. Founded in 1983.
Impact Factor 4.381 (2017)
Clinical Toxicology is the official journal of the American Academy of Clinical Toxicology (AACT), the European Association of Poisons Centres and Clinical Toxicologists (EAPCCT) and the American Association of Poison Control Centres (AAPCC). Published by Informa Health Care. Founded in 1968.

Editorial Team 4DAM

J.W. Uffen MD
J.W. Uffen is Editor in Chief of 4DAM. He works as a Fellow Acute Internal Medicine and researcher in the University Medical Center Utrecht, Utrecht.
T.T.W. van Herpt MD
T.T.W. van Herpt is Editor of 4DAM. He works as a Fellow Acute Internal Medicine at the Erasmus MC, Rotterdam.
S.M. Pasha MD, PhD
S.M. Pasha, MD, PhD, is editor of 4DAM. He works as an internist in acute medicine in the Haaglanden MC, the Hague.
R.U. Sharma MD
R.U. Sharma is editor of 4DAM. She works as a resident A&E (not in training) at the Albert Schweitzer Hospital in Dordrecht.
P.B. Veldhuis MD, MA
P.B. Veldhuis is editor of 4DAM. He works as a resident Emergency Medicine (not in training) at the Westfriesgasthuis in Hoorn.
B. Nikolik PharmD
B. Nikolik, PharmD is editor of 4DAM. He works as a resident Hospital Pharmacy at OLVG in Amsterdam.
N.J. Raaijmakers MD
N.J. Raaijmakers, MD is Editor of 4DAM. He works as a resident internal medicine at the Erasmus MC Rotterdam.
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