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4B stands for 4Bone; it’s a free email service that brings you a weekly update of the latest clinical and review abstracts published in 4 prominent general orthopaedic journals. Issues are supplemented by important articles related to orthopaedic surgery from other 4Abstracts divisions. Our issues are spread out over each month and contain 4 themes: Upper Extremity, Lower Extremity, Trauma, and Miscellaneous. This gives you the possibility to allocate time most efficiently, depending on your topic of interest. It's easy to do and knowledge is for everyone, so sign up now.

Impact Factor 6.1 (2018)
The most highly ranked orthopaedic journal. Published by SAGE Publications in association with American Orthopedic Society for Sports Medicine.
Impact Factor 4.8 (2018)
Possibly one of the most renowned orthopaedic surgery journals. Published by The Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery, Inc., dba Striatus Orthopaedic Communications.
Impact Factor 4.1 (2018)
Leading American general orthopaedic journal. Published by The Association of Bone and Joint Surgeons and Springer Science+Business Media.
Impact Factor 4.3 (2018)
Well-respected British version of JBJS, formerly known as the Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery (British Volume). Published by the British Editorial Society of Bone & Joint Surgery.

Editorial Team 4B

D.B.G. Gieling MD
D.B.G. Gieling is Editor in Chief of 4B. He is a resident (not in training) at the Department of Orthopedic Surgery at Rijnstate Hospital, Arnhem.
M.F. Scheffers BSc
M.F. Scheffers is editor of 4B. She studies Medicine at the Utrecht University Medical Center, University of Utrecht.
H.A.J. Eversdijk BSc
H.A.J. Eversdijk, is editor of 4Arthroscopy. He studies Medicine at the Academic Medical Center, University of Amsterdam and is a student researcher at the Sint. Antonius hospital Utrecht.
D.W.P.M. Laane BSc
D.W.P.M. Laane is editor of 4Bone. He studies Medicine at the Utrecht University Medical Center, University Utrecht and he is a student researcher for the department of traumasurgery at the St. Antonius Hospital Utrecht.

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